Who is Mr2TheP?

Mr2theP is a West Coast rapper from Southern California. Born Preston Gomez, P grew up in Orange County. Living in Huntington Beach specifically for most of his life, he grew up with the party surfer lifestyle. Mixing that lifestyle with his love for hip-hop made P really stand out in his town. He got into battle rapping at a young age which is where it all began.

After a while, P started a group with his two best friends. Ironically, they were both named John and they both produced and rapped as well. The three of them were known as A.D.D., or Alwayz Double Dippin’. As a group they gained huge local success and ended up on a few tours. Unfortunately, their success took a turn for the worst when their manager was murdered.

The group split up but they were all still committed to music. P would rap as Mr2theP while the Johns produced. Since, Mr2theP has performed everywhere from festivals to sold out theaters. Dropping albums like “Project Rap” and “Late Nights”, the music has always been consistent as well. P also linked up with good friend and battle rap legend Daylyt for a couple albums.

“It’s unknown whether he’s a Smoker With A Rappin’ Habit, or a Rapper With A Smokin’ Habit. One day we’ll find out…”


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